The Good Life In 10 Steps

This Sunday (29 April) we’re beginning a series of sermons on the 10 Commandments. What are you anticipating from this?

Some Aussies feel that the 10 commandments are basic rules for life, a good foundation for ethics, or a way to be a good person.

Other Aussies see the 10 Commandments as having little or no relevance to contemporary life. They are at least 3000 years old, which is nice if you like history, but obviously need to be interpreted for modern living.

And this is the point. We will all see them through a grid. By default we will put them up against our existing moral and ethical framework. We will find some (eg “Do not murder”) as reasonably obvious and easy to keep. But others (eg “Do not make any images”) as unachievable and irrelevant in an image-soaked society in which most of us carry image-capture devices in our pockets at all times.

But Jesus has a different grid through which to see the 10 Commandments (and the rest of the Law of Israel). That grid is himself. He fulfils the Law in ways we couldn’t imagine. He helps us to understand the Law and interpret it for contemporary living. Far from it being out-dated and an unnecessary burden on life, it is actually a clue to fully satisfying living.

But don’t just try to do it yourself. You need to understand what Jesus said and did, or else you will simply create a rod for your own back and you won’t succeed anyway… that’s not the idea.

So I invite you to join us over the next 10 weeks (and stream any sermons from our website that you can’t be here for). This promise of “The Good Life In 10 Steps” is real and reliable, grounded in the very words of God himself. After all, isn’t it possible that the creator knows a thing or two about what he’s made and how it works best, even in today’s complex world?