Regular Sunday Services

All welcome. Our regular service times are:

  • 9am all ages service (including kids program for pre-schoolers and primary schoolers)
  • 11am Mandarin service (including kids program in Mandarin and English, plus high school age program in English)

What to Expect

English Service (9am)

Our English service (9am) is a warm, welcoming community across a range of ages, and the service style is a blend of traditional Anglican and contemporary. We are usually a group of about 45-50 people.

For our music, some Sundays we use the pipe organ, other Sundays a small band, and other Sundays just a piano and acoustic guitar, with a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary songs.

Our ministers are usually robed and the services follow the Anglican prayer book. Most Sundays we celebrate Holy Communion. Each service usually has 2 or 3 Bible readings and a 20 minute sermon.

There is a kids program that takes place in the Hall (the Old Church building). Kids start in the main service and leave together to go to their programs after some singing and opening prayers.

We enjoy morning tea/coffee straight after the service each week, enabling us to mark various special occasions, e.g. Mothers/Fathers Day, significant birthdays, etc.

Mandarin Service (11am)

Our service in Mandarin is also warm and welcoming, with a wide range of ages including many young families. The service all takes place in Mandarin, and any announcements or messages in English are also translated into Mandarin.

For music, most Sundays we have a combination of piano, guitar and percussion, and there is a blend of traditional hymns, Chinese contemporary songs and other contemporary songs.

Our ministers are usually not robed for this service. We follow the structure of the prayer book in an informal way. We celebrate Holy Communion approximately once per month (usually 1st Sunday of the month).

There is a kids program that takes place in the Hall (the Old Church building). Kids head to the program before the service starts.

During school term, the high schoolers have a youth Bible Study that takes place concurrently with the Mandarin service, held in English, led by the English Minister.

We have a shared lunch after the service usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month. All visitors welcome.