Life’s Short: Have an Affair?

Today’s topic is a tough one. I was unwell last Sunday and was actually grateful for an additional week to ponder it: “You shall not commit adultery”.

Well I’m not going to ask for a show of hands during this sermon. But these are the sorts of sins that can weigh heavily on us. And yet not everyone thinks that the church should be busying itself with people’s private lives. There is a strong sense in the community that we overreach when we make judgements about what is right and wrong in the bedroom.

So what do you think? Are the days of the church’s moral guidance in the community over? And should we even be telling our own people about what is right and wrong sexually? We’re going to think this through in our sermon today, and if you’re reading this after the fact, then feel free to download the sermon here:

I think the answer to all of this lies in the question of what vision God has revealed (in the Bible) for his church. Is Christianity about us selling a product to the wider community? I don’t think so. Whilst we are constantly appealing to people to come to Christ and become a part of his church, it’s not about bumping up the numbers so we can feel less irrelevant.

The picture in the Bible is of God making a holy people to live with him into eternity. And there is a broad invitation to everyone from every tribe, tongue and nation to be part of this. But at its heart, Christianity is a transformative movement. Transforming helpless sinners into holy, hopeful people, at home with the Lord. Of course we need our sins forgiven before he can even get underway. But God’s work in our lives is lifelong. He wants to purify us from the inside out.

And believe it or not, sexuality is part of that picture of purification. Ultimately he wants us to focus our desire on him, not on anything in all creation, not even on the spouse of your dreams, or some other person who is not your spouse. God wants us. It’s all about his love and desire. Could you ever desire him from the bottom of your heart?

In Christ, Mark