Covid -19 2nd Update

Covid -19 2nd Update


All information you will be receiving on the Covid-19 crisis highlights how what we are facing and our strategies to deal with them change on a daily (if not hourly) basis. We are certainly finding this at St Augustine’s, Unley.

By the Grace of God we remain in front of the challenge.

An Open Church/Pastoral Care

Since our 1st update we have unfortunately been forced to close the church. Our efforts to keep it open for a period of time each day to allow you to pray sadly can no longer occur.

We continue, by the grace of God, to be able to offer phone based pastoral support by our two ministers should you need it. You can seek support as follows:

  • Ven. Mee Ping Lau via his mobile phone 0410 089 039 or
  • the Rev. Peter Williams on 08 8370 4716

We encourage you if you are struggling with the impact on your life to seek spiritual assistance through either Minister. If you require specialist medical help you may find this help from here.

On Line Worship Services

We successfully trailed on line services last Sunday. They were made available via You Tube. Our senior Minister went Solo.

This coming Sunday we expect to conduct our services through You Tube again. This time there will be support by one of our Wardens through the use of Zoom technology. Like last week, we will provide access via our Facebook page.

To watch the service go to You Tube and search “Unley Church”.

Our new Parish Council

At the end of last week’s service the new nominated members of Parish Council were announced. This week will we confirm these nomination as elected.

This group we congratulate for putting their hand up this year of all years. You have an enormous responsibility. At the same time this Parish Council has an opportunity to set the future of the Parish, unlike any other in our history.


Aggies remains open. We are serving our local community through this outreach in two ways.

  1. The opportunity to donate goods no longer needed by you or
  2. To provide at affordable priced goods that you might need in these challenging times.

We will remain open as long as you need us to be, or until we are forced to close by Government directive.