Covid -19 1st Update

Covid -19 1st Update


As advised in an earlier post today, and in keeping with advice from both our Diocesan Leadership and the Federal Government, St Augustine’s Unley has decided to pause all Sunday Worship Services in the Church Building until further notice.

While we are yet to determine A NEW arrangement for our AVM (we will in due course) we can announce some measures already taken as follows:

  1. Online Services:

You may be able to join online ‘time together’ tomorrow via by keying in “Unley Church” in ‘search’ at the same time as normal Sunday services’,a s follows.

        09.00am  English Service online

        11.00am  Mandarin Service online

  1. Church will open during weekdays between:

      10.00am—3.00pm  for private prayers

 *Strictly abide the DISTANCING RULES


Our church Bell, along with many others, will be ringing at 8am each Friday, a call for all to pray.

4. Aggies will remain open for business as part of our support to the community BUT we ask every CUSTOMER to strictly follow the Government’s DISTANCE RULES.

5. Minister/Clergy in contact: you may like to contact our Pastor the Ven. Mee Ping Lau via his mobile phone 0410 089 039 or the Rev. Peter Williams on 08 8370 4716.

  1. Thank God for all our Wardens, and Parish Council Members who have faithfully served us over the past 12 months. With the conclusion of their role, they have achieved great work for the Church. May the Lord bless them and our Church. We now await the election of a new team of Parish leadership  in due course.


3 thoughts on “Covid -19 1st Update”

  1. It warms my heart to hear of a church building open for private prayers (I am not a local congregant). We know we can pray anywhere and our Lord hears; and that the congregation is the body of Christ and His workers in our world. Nevertheless, to be, as so many now are, so totally cut off (even with the wonders of technology) from the sacrament of Holy Communion has been Lenten deprivation/suffering indeed. Is communion still being taken to the sick? Or has that too ceased – and a sadness to be endured by those persons, an offering made for the continued physical health of many?

    1. Thanks for your support.
      Unfortunately (as you would be aware) the ever changing landscape, we are ow unable (at law) to have the church open. As much as we are making plans, before we can provide our next update the restrictions placed on us change.
      We are working on our future strategies continuously.
      Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for your reply re ban on any use of the building by congregants and visitors. Look forward to your eventual re-opening.
    Was able to share your Anglican prayer (attributed) with others, who noted their appreciation at this time.
    In the mean time it is St Francis Ligouri’s prayer – and the Communion of desire – that help sustain, as should the quiet closet.

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