Interested in getting your child baptised at St Augustine’s?

  • Baptisms of children are conducted as part of our regular Sunday 9am Holy Communion services.
  • Occasionally several children may be baptised on the same day from different families. This enables us to tailor the service and any post-service celebrations appropriately. A parent may also be baptized on the same day as their child.
  • We are unable to arrange private baptisms at other times.
  • Children of any age may be baptised.
  • There is no charge for a baptism.

Organising a Baptism

  1. Baptisms are performed by mutual agreement between parents and one of the ministers of the church.
  2. A baptism of a child is essentially a public promise of commitment to Christ and his church made by parents on behalf of their child. In order for a baptism to proceed, it is essential that the parents have been sufficiently informed as to the nature of that commitment. The minister and the parents will meet to discuss this commitment and ensure that both parties are comfortable with proceeding.
  3. If you have a particular date in mind, please be aware that the minister’s priority will be point 2 above. A pre-determined date can sometimes cloud the process of spiritual reflection and preparation because of the need to make family invitations and arrangements. For this reason, we request that you allow a minimum of 6 weeks between making contact with us and any preferred dates.

What is baptism?

What is the process?

(Please allow 6 weeks to enable scheduling of meetings and appropriate services):

  1. Download Baptism Enquiry form
    • Read the explanation of what Baptism is
    • Fill out the form
  2. Attend at least one of our regular 9am services, and
    • Hand form to minister in person
    • Arrange a time with minister for face-to-face meeting
  3. Meet face to face
    • Overview of the baptism commitment
    • Mutual agreement to proceed
    • Confirmation of date
  4. Baptism service

Baptism Enquiry Form