Aggies Opp Shoppe

Aggies-St Augustine’s Opportunity Shop.

Aggies is the opportunity shop of St Augustine’s Anglican Church of Unley.

Aggies is a well known opportunity shop in and around around Unley. It features on many a community tour.

The opp shop is currently located back in it’s original home, the old church building. This is the building north of the main church building. It shares a carpark with the City of Unley Civic Centre and Library.

Run by volunteers it is an outreach program run by the church. It’s proceeds fund (in the main) the multi-cultural ministry of St Augustine’s Anglican Church, Unley.

We sell pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories, paintings and brick-a-brack etc.  Opening hours are usually;

  • Monday thru’ Friday                   9.30 am to 4.00 pm
  • Saturday                                            9.30 am to  1.00 pm

(Sunday and Public Holidays : Closed)

All donations are welcome. They can be placed in the bin in the centre of the front carpark/driveway at all hours.

Please note the phone number for Aggies: 08 8123 7372.

There is always a bargain at Aggies. Come along and grab a one!

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