About St Augustine’s Church, Unley

St Augustine's Anglican church Unley north view

St Augustine’s Anglican Church Unley has a long history at the heart of the Unley area.

Many South Australian families have a connection with St Augustine’s through significant events in their past. This includes the joy of weddings and baptisms or the sadness of funeral farewells. It is also through the wider ministry of the church over many decades. 

Indeed, many a visitor to our weekly services reminisce about these experiences.

Our Unley Church has 2 distinct but united ministries based on language. The English ministry revolves around our 9 am service on Sundays. The Mandarin ministry revolves around our 11 am service.

Our Buildings

The church buildings have for a long time played a prominent role in the local community.

Centrally located in the Unley civic and shopping precinct, our history dates back to 1870. The original church building was dedicated on Sunday 28th February of that year.

Mr EJ Trimmer gifted the land the church was built on just 8 years earlier. One year later the villages of Unley severed their link to the Mitcham Council when they were declared a Corporate Town.

The current Church Building was dedicated on the 28th August 1924. This remains the principal place of worship today.

Both buildings, along with the old school building on the corner of Unley Road and Edmund Street are included in the State Heritage Register. The Register recognises the main church building for:

  • it’s Gothic Architecture,
  • the William Morris Windows and,
  • the Pipe Organ.

Adding to the history is the Memorial Tower and Our carillon of 13 bells.

The landmark bell tower was built to remember those in the local community who served in the great war. It houses the Carillon of 13 bells.

Those bells that can be heard every Sunday morning before the English service. They are also played at Anzac Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies hosted across Unley Road in the Soldiers Memorial Garden. By choice, they can also be played at weddings and other special events.